Industry X.0 thematic launched

Three months behind the schedule, we are finally launching our latest theme, Industry X.0.  As mentioned before, we are currently not focusing on thematic research anymore, but decided to finish it because we had promised to do so. Free to access for anyone. This is a very large thematic, and it impacts multiple sectors, just

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Our themes performance updated

We have updated our themes performance. While Japan Inbound thematic is having a slower start of the year, the rest of the themes continue to perform. Feel free to let us know if we can help your research needs in any particular way with our Customized Research services.

Service opened to everybody

We are opening the system to everybody, as we are shifting our business focus to B2B: baskets research, customized thematic and company research. The themes will continue to be updated, just like the daily, no change there. What is new? AI/ML DRIVEN. We expect by summer the site to be almost 100% AI driven. I

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